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Build a great van whatever your experience!

Join Nate Murphy as he helps you save time, money and stress via the DIYHeroŽ van conversion course.

  • Learn the theory and the practice
  • Expert help with your electrical system
  • Exclusive community access

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What you will recieve 

150+ detailed tutorials

Professionally filmed and edited tutorials that teach you how to do every aspect of a van conversion.

All stages, theory & practice

From insulation to electrics, we teach you the theory, and show you how.

Diagrams & schematics

We provide you with easy-to-use detailed schematics & diagrams for all the systems

Lifetime course access

You have access for the lifetime of the course—no stress, even the most relaxed van builders!

More than just a course.. 

Expert support for designing your electrical system 

A qualified and experienced off-grid electrical engineer will help you develop an electrical system that fits your needs. This service (normally costs $120) is included in the course price.

You will receive a one-hour consultation and, within one week, we will send you complete documentation, detailing your recommended system components.

Community and support with like-minded van builders

Access to our exclusive course community where you can ask questions, access support, and get feedback, guidance, and advice - throughout the process of your build.

You will also get to know people with similar goals, be able to support each other, and eventually, meet up on-the-road for adventures!

Meet your lead instructor

I'm Nate Murphy and, over the past six years, I have converted four vans, lived out of van conversions for 5 years, filmed hundreds of van tours, and shared it all with millions of people. Before that, I completed a degree in Industrial Design and worked on everything from medical devices to climbing equipment. Recently, I completed a total renovation of an old house.

This course is designed to help everyone of all experience levels to build with confidence. You can relax, knowing you will be supported throughout the process — this course and its community will be your constant companion throughout your build!

I look forward to meeting you!

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The Course Structure

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Buy now and get access immediately after payment:

  • Unlimited community and support access
  • Electrical consultation
  • Our best-selling ebooks
  • Plans and schematics
  • 170 tutorial videos, covering all aspects
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Limited time discount

Buy now and get access immediately after payment:

  • Unlimited community and support access
  • Electrical consultation
  • Our best-selling ebooks
  • Plans and schematics
  • 170 tutorial videos, covering all aspects
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What students are saying..


I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say, THANK YOU so much for putting together this course. I just spent the whole month watching all the videos (just got the electrics stuff to watch now).

Having watched most of the content, I really do feel more confident with my build. I got to a point where I was frozen with fear as I was struggling to learn how to use the tools for the first time and how to problem-solve. But your videos have really helped me so much. I am now looking forward to my build weekends rather than dreading them! đŸ˜ Also, you are saving me so much time as now I don't feel I have to watch 5hrs of youtube videos before tackling a new task. YAY!

Thank you for creating this amazing space to learn and connect with others on the journey. 

Mark Francis

“I always wanted to build my own off-grid camper van but lacked knowledge and experience. With Nate’s course, I was able to follow a step-by-step process that has enabled me to start a build with confidence and have everything I need to help me in the palm of my hand.

The network that is provided takes away any worry about getting stuck as Nate is always on hand to offer advice and experience in overcoming any issues.

The electrical consultation gives direct access to a fully qualified electrician who had taken away any concerns over what I need to do to get an off-grid van wired up from start to finish. They have delivered every component I need to make it a safe and easy-to-do installation.

Nate’s in-depth knowledge is invaluable and his tutorials and videos make it an easy-to-follow guide in building my own haven away from home.”

Graeme Lunn

The course so far for me has been invaluable as the video section Designs and Build Quality not only gave me a good level of expectation of what's possible but also showed that I could do more than I thought.

After going to a Camping/Caravan show there were a couple of Van conversion companies there but wow, their stuff was soooo expensive!.  I came away thinking doing my own DIY version really is the way to go. After using the course, I knew what I was looking at and why it might be important for my own goals - for me, that's priceless - I am able to leverage Nate's experience as well as helping with my confidence.  It's also helping me set some realistic and achievable expectations!  

I also thought this would purely be a video course but there's so much more material on here - it is all adding up to a great product! 


With our support, you can...

  • Create the right van for your needs - and avoid getting sucked into the vortex of complexity and cost
  • Set up your project for success with workflow planning – knowing what to do, and when, is very important!
  • Build a high-quality conversion - avoid the mistakes most first-time van builders make
  • Design and build a van which is safe and secure – your safety, and that of your loved ones, is important!
  • Avoid costly mistakes or installing things you do not need – save hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars
  • Choose which features you need and what you don’t – a full overview, saving you time and money
  • Keep your project moving and stay motivated – with a community of fellow van builders all going through the same process

What I guarantee 

  • A practical course that teaches the theory in a way anyone can understand - I bought and converted a van just to make this course - because of this, it is 100% focused on showing you how to build a van
  • It doesn't matter what your experience is, we have you covered - and if you know what you are doing it is easy to skip ahead
  • It's not a bunch of abstract theory - it is a process, with steps to follow, that will take you from an empty shell to a finished van
  • Transferable skills - what you learn will be useful for the rest of your life
  • Confidence - it might not just be your van that is transformed!
  • Great on any device - built for mobile, tablet or desktop

Protect your most valuable asset—your time 

Learn fast methods to build a high-quality van

I share tips and tricks showing how I build out a high-quality van alone in under a month.

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