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The team

Our team has multiple van builds, decades of vanlife,  and hundreds of thousands of miles worth of experience to share with you.

Nate Murphy

Van builder / Course Instructor

Nate lived out of a van for four years, and now, after renovating a house uses a van for short to medium trips. Nate has been building products, vans and houses for 18 years. From designing and patenting his own medical products, to totally renovating a house in Spain, his approach is one of endless possibilities for self-learning.

Nate runs the popular 'Nate Murphy' YouTube Channel which has been sharing van conversion content and advice with millions of people for the past six years. 

Tom Alderdice

Off-grid electrical expert / Course Instructor

Tom is an Advanced Motorcaravan Engineer, specialising in Mobile Off-Grid Applications, with 15 years of experience. Through his business, Tiny Build Electrics, he has helped hundreds of people build high-quality, safe, electrical systems for vans, cabins and boats.

We have partnered with Tom so he manages the electrical consultations - helping you design a system right for your needs and budget.

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Marketing Manager



Cody Dakota

Van builder / Filmmaker

Cody has been working with us for two years, helping us produce content in America as he travels the country in his van. 

He is in the process of a new and ambitious build, which of course, we will document on the YouTube channel.