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The team

Our team has multiple van builds, decades of vanlife,  and hundreds of thousands of miles worth of experience to share with you.

Nate Murphy

Van builder / Course Instructor

Nate lived out of a van for four years, and now, after renovating a house uses a van for short to medium trips. Nate has been building products, vans and houses for 18 years. From designing and patenting his own medical products, to totally renovating a house in Spain, his approach is one of endless possibilities for self-learning.

Nate runs the popular 'Nate Murphy' YouTube Channel which has been sharing van conversion content and advice with millions of people for the past six years. 

Tom Alderdice

Off-grid electrical expert / Course Instructor

Tom is an Advanced Motorcaravan Engineer, specialising in Mobile Off-Grid Applications, with 15 years of experience. Through his business, Tiny Build Electrics, he has helped hundreds of people build high-quality, safe, electrical systems for vans, cabins and boats.

We have partnered with Tom so he manages the electrical consultations - helping you design a system right for your needs and budget.

Ezra Byrne

Van builder / Filmmaker

Ezra is a professional filmmaker who has been living in his beautifully converted van for over four years.

Ezra filmed and edited all the video content for the course, as we add or improve the course; Ezra will be working behind the scenes.

Cody Dakota

Van builder / Filmmaker

Cody has been working with us for two years, helping us produce content in America as he travels the country in his van. 

He is in the process of a new and ambitious build, which of course, we will document on the YouTube channel.